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Thank you very much for visiting our website : we are really happy to help you discovering a new wonderful world !!! Piazza della Rivoluzione
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  We are Diego and Christian, we have already visited many beautiful places in the world, but after visiting Cuba on the 18 September 2002 we decided that we would come back again, whenever it is possible.

Visiting Cuba is in fact an unforgetful experience that will never leave your heart and your soul.


If you are interested, on this website we give you the possibility to find a safe and nice accomodation in Habana City.


It is a program for those people who want to plane and organise their holiday mod cons and freely.


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Full of history and lively rhythms, lost in a wild nature between myth and dream, Cuba is a lovely island.


The biggest of the Caribbean islands, it will estonish and enchante you with its stunning  views, its sea and beaches, its people.


The towns with their streets and buildings show its history, its traditions and its culture.
Although the Cuban people have experienced difficult moments due to social and economical problems, they have not changed being always nice,simple and happy to help tourists giving them the best hospitality.

With its beautiful landscape, its wonderful beaches and its limpid sea, Cuba is one of the most touristic places in the world.


To let you emotion you need few hours, to forget Cuba a life is not enough.

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